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Hey guys, to further support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, we are selling these stickers to raise money in hopes that all people get the help they deserve.

When we really thought about what reminds us most of Grant Rozmarin, in so many pictures and selfies, he flipped us the bird. In honor of that, this high-quality vinyl sticker is modeled after the official Ween sticker flipping the bird to us all. Grant always embraced the fringe, the punk, the outsider. We think this encompasses that attitude he expressed, but never offensively. It was always a “fuck you” to the corruption we see, the hypocrisy in everyday life. Grant recognized that more than most.

The Ween community is a unique and beautiful thing. A lot of that is due directly in part to Grant. His tireless efforts and selflessness will not be forgotten. We’d like to express our condolences to Grant’s family & friends and invite you all to join us in saluting our Boognish Monster. We love you, Grant.

1 for $5 / 3 for $12 (shipping included)


3 PACK ($12)

4″ x 3″ / Die Cut Vinyl / Silkscreen Printed
Please note this is a presale. Stickers are expected to arrive in 2-3 weeks.

—Ween Community