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Tributes from his Sister & Brothers…

by Stephanie

Grant was a son, a brother, a friend, and one of the most amazing humans I have ever known. He was passionate about everything he did: friendships, art, music, athletics, life.

At a young age, Grant was an athlete.  He could do any sport he tried and do it extremely well. Our family used to joke that “he could pick up any type of equipment and do it well.” He especially excelled in tennis and would often travel with mom for tournaments.  

In grade school, Grant became very interested in break dancing. He would show his skills anywhere and everywhere that there was room. He loved the movie Breakin’ and especially the character Turbo.  Our dad even created a movie for us and Grant played a character “Breaker” and had a solo dance scene.

Grant was also very into skateboarding.  He would skate all day! His friend and him would even create videos of them skating and doing crazy tricks (much to mom’s dismay ;).

Grant had an amazing, close knit group of friends in grade school. They spent most of their time together, a lot of it at our house.  They were always fun to have around and even let me hang out with them at times. Grant was also good about hanging out with me and the neighborhood girls.  He even let us dress him up a few times!

It was also during his earlier years that Grant’s talent with music became apparent. Beyond our Suzuki piano lessons, he was able to play the drums like a rock star.  He even had a band for a few weeks. So sad that the “Violent Remedy” never went very far (like past the demo tape).

Around high school years, Grant went to Minneapolis to get some support with the addictions that had become part of his life.  This move was a good one for him and he was able to get the help he needed and to meet yet another amazing group of friends.

While in Minneapolis Grant took some courses in Graphic Design…and we found yet another talent of Grant’s…ART….he was so talented!

Grant’s move to LA was one that he was passionate about it. It started his passion for helping others to have access to medical marijuana. I remember him telling me about patients who were able to get off of their medicine because of it.  It made him feel really good. And of course, as was a theme in his life, Grant met many wonderful people and had yet another amazing group of people around him.

2002 was a rough year for our family and for Grant especially.  We lost our mom to ovarian cancer in December. This hit Grant really hard as he and our mom had a bond that was like none other.  

Grant returned to LA, but would visit at Christmas. I know my boys loved that he would stay over at our house on Christmas Eve, after we celebrated at dad’s. They most loved jumping on him to wake him up early in the morning.  I know he didn’t love it, but he was always a good sport about it.

Grant did about a year stint in Denver with his friend. It was so wonderful having him here. I loved being able to see him more often and my boys loved having their “fun” uncle around more than just a Christmas time.  We were really bummed when things didn’t work out here and he decided to return to LA.

Over his years in LA, my family and I got to visit Grant a few times.  The best was when he hooked us up with special passes at Universal. That was such a fun day. My boys still laugh at how wet he got on the Jurassic Park ride.  

Recently Grant had found a passion for WEEN. This became a huge part of his life and opened him up to even more people and more relationships.  He was very fond of the group he found through WEEN. Grant had also recently rediscovered his love of creating music and shared it with many people.

My brother was creative, athletic, caring, talented, loving, compassionate and truly brilliant.  He had an infectious laugh that could light up a room. He cared about others with all of his heart and would do anything for anyone…this truly made him a wonderful friend and person.  

by Rob

Grant had a way about him.

He felt things very deeply.

He was so passionate.

There is so much to Grant that it had to be spread all over the country.

His spirit, personality, and shine couldn’t be contained to just Omaha, Denver, Minneapolis or even the state of California.

He was Huge!  

 -Rob <3

Hey guys, to further support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, we are selling these stickers to raise money in hopes that all people get the help they deserve.

When we really thought about what reminds us most of Grant Rozmarin, in so many pictures and selfies, he flipped us the bird. In honor of that, this high-quality vinyl sticker is modeled after the official Ween sticker flipping the bird to us all. Grant always embraced the fringe, the punk, the outsider. We think this encompasses that attitude he expressed, but never offensively. It was always a “fuck you” to the corruption we see, the hypocrisy in everyday life. Grant recognized that more than most.

The Ween community is a unique and beautiful thing. A lot of that is due directly in part to Grant. His tireless efforts and selflessness will not be forgotten. We’d like to express our condolences to Grant’s family & friends and invite you all to join us in saluting our Boognish Monster. We love you, Grant.

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